Trademark Connect is your one stop trademark resource for registering and protecting your business name, logo, slogan or domain name. We are more than just a filing service, Trademark Connect is here to protect your brand at every step of the trademark registration process.

Your trademark is one of the most important business assets you’ll ever own. Let Trademark Connect protect it for you with federal trademark registration.

With Trademark Connect, your application will be managed by licensed U.S. trademark attorneys that have been prosecuting trademark applications before the USPTO since 1990.

gary-priceGary price has been an attorney for over 26 years specializing in intellectual property.

Mr. Price is experienced in intellectual property matters of all kinds including patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets. I am a Registered Patent Attorney admitted to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Mr. Price works with many types of businesses, entrepreneurs and brands however I most often work with…

✓ ENTREPRENEURS & BUSINESS OWNERS – that have developed a new product or service and want to have it protected, and want to protect the name or brand associated with their product or service. One of the most important business assets you have is your brand and it is essential to protect that brand. I offer an affordable service to ensure you can protect the name or brand you use for any new or existing product or service you offer.

✓ MANUFACTURERS & RETAILERS – you have a quality product (and brand) and you want to protect your reputation in the marketplace. You have developed goodwill amongst your consumers and need to protect that valuable asset. I can help you do that.


• preparing and prosecuting trademark applications with the patent and trademark office

• preparing and prosecuting patent applications with the patent and trademark office

• file copyrights with the federal copyright office

• patentability searches

• consultation on patent related matters

• trademark searches

• trademark watch services

• assist in maintaining patents and trademarks

• consultation relating to trade secrets, trade names, licensing
Find out for free if your business name, product and/or service is available for a trademark. Let’s see if Trademark Connect can help